The Agathe Center is affiliated with the Global Enterprise Network (GEN) of the Navigators consisting of over 350 impact enterprises in dozens of countries on six continents. GEN was launched in 2010, and its members have been starting and/or supporting impact enterprises since the 1970s.  GEN's portfolio of impact enterprises spans a variety of industries and sectors including manufacturing, construction, education & healthcare, hospitality, import-export, IT, consulting & management services, agro-business and more.

Ralph Gatti                linkedin_3png
Executive Director
His 40 years of business experience include 18 years as the CEO of automotive aftermarket products manufacturing company and consultancy with many for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Ralph leads the overall training and mentoring efforts of Agathe, with a focus on getting business results for individual clients while assisting them in meeting their professional and personal challenges. 

mmzilina2016-1jpgMarek Markuš            linkedin_3png
Associate Executive Director

Marek has more than 20 years of experience in starting new projects, businesses and NGOs. An impact entrepreneur himself, he leads the publishing company Porta Libri and runs a small consulting company, Vocato, with his wife Zuzana. At Agathe, Marek helps to shape its vision, strategy and develop new services. His passion is to help impact entrepreneurs think theologically about their vocation and purpose.

img_2056_1jpgCarolina Herrera             
Client Relations Coordinator
Carolina has experience with human resources and education in an international context. At Agathe, she is responsible for coordinating the interactions with our clients, providing the best service and assuring that our clients' needs are well-understood in order to receive a personalized training.

Milan Číčel                linkedin_3png
Senior Advisor & Coach
Milan has co-founded a number of faith-based enterprises around Central and Eastern Europe over the last 25 years. Currently, he is serving as a coach and mentor to enterprise leaders.

Hélène Pfeil              linkedin_3png
Trainings Coordinator
Hélène has been working for non-profit and international organizations over the past five years. She oversees and develops training content at Agathe, in order to best meet clients' educational needs and ensure the quality and consistency of the training experience.

michallacojpegMichal Laco              linkedin_3png
Local Outreach Coordinator
Michal works as a consultant on projects strengthening the startup and innovation ecosystem in Slovakia. At Agathe, he leads communication and outreach efforts.