The Agathe Center is affiliated with the Global Enterprise Network (GEN) of the Navigators consisting of over 350 impact enterprises in dozens of countries on six continents. GEN was launched in 2010, and its members have been starting and/or supporting impact enterprises since the 1970s.  GEN's portfolio of impact enterprises spans a variety of industries and sectors including manufacturing, construction, education & healthcare, hospitality, import-export, IT, consulting & management services, agro-business and more.

Hélène Pfeil           
Hélène has over ten years experience working for non-profit and international organizations. She leads the design, marketing, coordination and delivery of Agathe's services.

Carolina Herrera         
Deputy Director
Carolina has over eight years experience in the field of education and human resources. She is co-responsible for the coordination of Agathe's interactions with clients and delivery of tailored coaching programs.

Ralph Gatti               
Senior Consultant
Ralph has 40 years of business experience, including 18 years as the CEO of an automotive aftermarket products manufacturing company, and countless consultancies for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Marek Markuš            
Senior Consultant

Marek has more than 20 years of experience in starting new projects, businesses and NGOs. An impact entrepreneur himself, he leads the publishing company Porta Libri and runs a small consulting company, Vocato.

Jakub Uhlík            
Jakub has over eight years of experience in project management. He mentors students and young professionals and works with Marek at the publishing company Porta Libri.

Tereza Machajdíková           
Tereza is a student of media design at Bratislava ' s Pan-European University. Besides sharpening her skills in the fields of photography, videomaking and graphic design, she supports Agathe Center team's organization and communication activities.

Associated experts

Jan Ban
Areas of expertise: Character development, Mentoring, Theology.
As a religion and ethics teacher and leader of non-formal education activities, Jan enjoys challenging adults and teenagers alike through deep discussions about life, faith and personal growth.

Attila Molnár
Areas of expertise: Enterprise development, Innovation, Management.
Attila is passionate about finding gaps in the market and developing successful businesses. He has years of experience launching and growing companies, most recently Industry 4.0 Insights.
Allan Bussard
Areas of expertise
International development, Social entreprise. 
is the Director of the Integra Foundation which leads education, humanitarian and SME support programs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He heads TenSenses, a certified fair trade company.

David Laco
Areas of expertise: Character development, Mentoring, Community.
Besides teaching civics, religion and ethics, David focuses on building resilient teams and communities which take responsibility for their surroundings.

Milan Číčel               
Areas of expertise:  Personal mentoring
has co-founded a number of faith-based enterprises around Central and Eastern Europe over the last 25 years. Currently, he is serving as a coach and mentor to enterprise leaders.

Kristina Uhlikova
Areas of expertise: Education, Mentoring.  
A pedagogue at heart, Kristina strives to improve quality education for all by leading the team of mentors who support teachers working with Teach for Slovakia.

Daniel Laco

Areas of expertise: Strategic planning, Process improvement, People development.  
Daniel is Managing Partner at the firm For Business Excellence. He advises companies as well as educational and non-profit projects.

Zuzana Markušová
Areas of expertise: Personal Career Assessment & Coaching, Headhunting & Recruitment, Self-awareness.
Zuzana has years of experience working as a career advisor, coach and headhunter, helping people to discover their personal talent and finding fulfillment in their professional lives.