We offer mentoring and coaching opportunities, structured trainings and seminars, as well as immersion experiences and site visits in Bratislava. All our offers are based on the needs and requirements of participants. Whether you can be available for a few hours, one evening, one week-end, or two weeks, we can arrange a program that will help you find the answers to your questions. So engage with Agathe to discuss your needs and discover how we can help!

"Agathe Center has significantly boosted our work. Their contribution in coaching us on working on the important, not just the urgent has been extremely helpful. The amount of time we work "on" the business versus "in" the business is having an incredibly positive impact. Their targeted help, insights and follow-up is rarely experienced in today's environment. Thank You!" Doug Winkler, business coach

Mentoring & Coaching
  • One-to-one, in-depth mentoring and coaching sessions
  • Opportunities to discuss the development of your business and personal growth
  • Narrow, in-depth and long-term support 

Trainings & Seminars

  • Workshops on the importance of ethics in business
  • Tailor-made trainings based on the lean start-up methodology
  • Seminars on how to think about your vocation as entrepreneur and leader

Immersion Experiences 

  • Intensive week-long programs which combine series of customized classes with site visits to learn from  experienced entrepreneurs
  • Job-shadowing opportunities and "on-the-job" experiential learning