Engage with Agathe

If you are a business or social entrepreneur, either aspiring to start an enterprise or with something already underway, we are willing to assist you in your pursuits. How to engage with Agathe?

socialpng1. Email us at info@agathecenter.org and share just some brief information about yourself. Please include your contact information, a brief description of your project(s), and your reason for reaching out to Agathe.

2. Agathe will email you a Pre-Engagement form for you to complete and return getting more basic information from you and helping us to get an initial understanding of how to best support you.

3. Upon the return of the Pre-Engagement form we will get in touch to set up an interview either in person or via Zoom with the Agathe team to talk over what you have submitted and ask questions about how you can best be served.

4. The Agathe team will generate a Client Services Proposal that states its understanding of your needs, the services that Agathe proposes to provide, and suggested timing and logistics of an initial engagement period.