From idea to impact: we help entrepreneurs create positive change in society.

We believe that businesses should not only make profit, but also change society for good. This is why we are called the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship - in Greek, "Agathe" means "Good". Our mission is to provide holistic support to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you have already launched your enterprise, or are considering starting one, we can help you move to the next level. 

Our Core Principles

We are convinced that an enterprise should hold in creative tension the priorities of our triple bottom line:  financial sustainability, social impact, and spiritual transformation.

Financial Sustainability

Social Impact

Spiritual Transformation


Our Services
Mentoring & Coaching
  • One-on-one, in-depth mentoring and coaching sessions
  • Opportunities to discuss the development of your business and personal growth
  • Narrow, in-depth and long-term support 

Trainings & Seminars

  • Workshops on the importance of ethics in business
  • Tailor-made trainings based on the lean start-up methodology
  • Seminars on how to think about your vocation as entrepreneur and leader

Immersion Experiences  

  • Intensive week-long programs which combine series of customized classes with site visits to learn from  experienced entrepreneurs
  • Job-shadowing opportunities and "on-the-job" experiential learning

"The Agathe Center is a warm and inviting place whose team is committed to understanding you and your business challenges. Whether helping a team to launch a new enterprise or scale up an existing one, the Agathe Center brings best practices and highly personalized service to enable entrepreneurial business teams to move ahead with the tools, processes and increased know-how to succeed and make a meaningful contribution to their surrounding community. I have really enjoyed our visits to the Agathe Center and the deep interest the team has demonstrated in us, our enterprise endeavors and broader social impact."
                                                                                                                            Jack Benjamin, Director, Global Enterprise Network