"Agathe" means "Good" in Greek. That is what the investor said to his good and faithful servant in the well-known parable of Jesus - it was about an entrepreneur who became a token example of prudent stewardship over the resources entrusted to him. The mission of Agathe Center is to provide holistic support to existing and aspiring impact entrepreneurs.

We agree with John Paul II, who said in 1991: “…the purpose of a business firm is not simply to make a profit, but is to be found in its very existence as a community of persons who in various ways are endeavoring to satisfy their basic needs, and who form a particular group at the service of the whole of society. Profit is a regulator of the life of a business, but it is not the only one; other human and moral factors must also be considered which, in the long term, are at least equally important for the life of a business.”

We do not see the profit-making necessity for businesses as at odds with their social and moral obligations, but what we do see is that businesses with the right intentions and practices can do great good for people and society.  We see the kingdom of God advancing through generations of impact enterprise practitioners who seek to let their light shine through their businesses into a world hungering and thirsting for righteousness and justice. We see the Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship as a place where entrepreneurs, motivated by compassion and faith, come to learn the theory and practice of “doing good as they do good business.”