Associated experts

Jan Ban
Areas of expertise: Character development, Mentoring, Theology.
As a religion and ethics teacher and leader of non-formal education activities, Jan enjoys challenging adults and teenagers alike through deep discussions about life, faith and personal growth.

Allan Bussard
Areas of expertise
International development, Social entreprise. 
is the Director of the Integra Foundation which leads education, humanitarian and SME support programs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He heads TenSenses, a certified fair trade company.

David Laco
Areas of expertise: Character development, Mentoring, Community.
Besides teaching civics, religion and ethics, David focuses on building resilient teams and communities which take responsibility for their surroundings.

Daniel Laco

Areas of expertise: Strategic planning, Process improvement, People development.  
Daniel is Managing Partner at the firm For Business Excellence. He advises companies as well as educational and non-profit projects.

Attila Molnar
Areas of expertise: Enterprise development, Innovation, Management.
Attila is passionate about finding gaps in the market and developing successful businesses. He has years of experience launching and growing companies, most recently Industry 4.0 Insights.
Zuzana Markušová
Areas of expertise: Personal Career Assessment & Coaching, Headhunting & Recruitment, Self-awareness.
Zuzana has years of experience working as a career advisor, coach and headhunter, helping people to discover their personal talent and finding fulfillment in their professional lives.
Kristina Uhlikova
Areas of expertise: Education, Mentoring.  
A pedagogue at heart, Kristina strives to improve quality education for all by leading the team of mentors who support teachers working with Teach for Slovakia.

Martina Tvrdonova
Areas of expertise: Philanthropy, Fundraising, Social enterprise.
Enthusiastic and communicative, Martina uses her manifold talents to raise funds for educational projects, social innovators and charities.